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DNC Medical Weight Loss Program has literally helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight. The program is monitored and directed by physician and supported by a staff of nurses to help you achieve at least 10 to 15 lbs. of weight loss a month.

Potential Benefits of Medication Treatment over the short term, weight loss in obese individuals may reduce a number of health risks. Studies looking at the effects of weight-loss medication on obesity-related health risks have found that some agents lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and triglycerides (fats) and decrease insulin resistance ( the body’s inability to use blood sugar) over the short term. However, long-term studies are needed to determine if weight loss from weight-loss medications can improve health.

Our Medical Slim Package combines the best weight loss technologies from eastern and western medicines to produce a powerful combination for weight loss. Through the use of FDA approved medicines and our DNC herbal and natural supplements, we have perfected a system that is safe, natural and effective to help you reach your goal.

What sets DNC medical weight loss apart from other weight loss programs?

  1. There are no restrictive diets.
  2. Your progress is monitored by a Physician to ensure safety and efficacy.
  3. Our programs is customized to each individual.
  4. No rigorous exercise is required to lose weight.
  5. We have an Astounding 90% success rate!

Our Mission: Rebuild Patients’ Health Physically and Mentally

As a professional physician in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in the US, Dr. Sherman Lii sees a lot of patients who need to lose weight to regain health. He remembered that couples of years ago, a male patient at the age of 40+, came to see him because of his cardiovascular disease. Dr. Lii recommended the patient to lose weight in order to control his disease. However, the patient himself cannot effectively shed his fat and moreover, he forgot to take medication for his high blood pressure for months. One day the patients was sent to the hospital emergency room due to hemorrhagic stroke. One month later, the patient become paraplegic. “If I had an opportunity to help him lose weight, things might have returned out differently.” said Dr. Lii.

Another case was a young female patient who felt great shame at her overweight body figure. For many years, she had to take anti-depression medication to control her psychological disease. Unfortunately, she was substantially bothered by her overweight problem and could not even work. She then lived in a psychiatric hospital. “If I could have helped her lose weight, she might not suffer the outcome.” Dr. Lii sighed.

Unique Slimming Plan combining Experience and Scientific Technology

Due to many similar cases as aforementioned, it encouraged Dr. Lii’ to begin doing research in weight loss since mid-1990s. By searching all leading research results along with his clinical experience in treating tens of thousands of patients, he devotes himself and his medical staff to finding best slimming prescription. So far DNC has developed a powerful combination for weight loss by choosing medicines among its more than fifty FDA-approved medicines and DNC herbal and natural supplements. The innovative “DNC Cocktail Slimming Prescription” is customized to each individual according to his or her intake, life style and body factors, and monitored by physician to ensure safety and efficacy.

DNC Weight Loss Clinic has achieved and astounding 90% success rate, and thus it becomes one of the top weight loss clinics in the world. Dr. Sherman Lii is often interviewed by media and speaks in many professional seminars. We have patients from all over the world, including famous Hollywood stars.

A Professional Team to Help You Lost Weight

Since everyone’s overweight condition and problems are different, and the quality of weight loss medicines and supplement in the market are not ensured, it’s extremely important to have medical professionals to help you lose weight more effectively and safely. At DNC Medical Weight Loss Clinic, we have a complete team of medical staff, including our medical director, Dr. Sherman Lii, to improve you an overall slimming program. Our unique body slimming plan will make it easy for you to lose weight and attain you desire.

About Dr. Sherman Lii (M.D., M.PH)

  • M.D., Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan
  • M.PH., University of Washington, Seattle
  • Diplomat, American Board of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
  • Member, American Anti-aging Association
  • Member, American Obesity Society
  • Attending Pediatrics and Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, University of Southern California Medical Center
  • Attending of Pediatrics, LA County Hospital
  • Founder and Medical Director, DNC Anti-aging Center
  • Founder and Medical Director, DNC Medical Weight Loss Clinic
  • President, DNC Nutritional Supplement Co.
  • Outstanding Asian American Accomplishment Award, 1999

Book Publication (All in Chinese)

  1. Performing foot Massage Effectively and Properly (1992)
  2. The Gene Revolution in Children (2001)
  3. The Gene Revolution in Diet (2001)
  4. How to Successfully Lost Weight (2002)
  5. How to Fight Aging (2002)
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